As we navigate the new challenges Covid-19 has presented, it has been remarkable to see our students (many of who are key workers, parents, and carers) stepping up and continuing to build their academic skills. Inspired by your unwavering motivation in our 1:1s and webinars, we began to think how UniSkills could expand on our usual writing, presenting and information skills offering, to support you too with overcoming any setbacks you might encounter during your studies. 

From receiving a mark lower than you had hoped, to receiving overwhelming feedback, the new ‘Grow your academic resilience’ toolkit delves into the fascinating theory behind adopting a ‘growth’ or ‘gritty’ mindset, and how this can help you thrive at university. Discover how to set meaningful goals, create an action plan, and even reflect on your progress so far. There’s also the chance to take an interactive quiz to find out your current mindset – although be warned, the result might surprise you!

So if you’re feeling like you could do with an extra boost of confidence over the summer, or are simply determined to shift your mindset from “I can’t” to “I can” or “I can’t yet”, then mark 30 minutes in your diary to dedicate to a new, resilient you. 

screenshot of the toolkit
Click to visit the toolkit

Alternatively, book your place and join us for a live ‘Grow your academic resilience’ webinar on June 30th at 3pm, where Academic Skills Advisors Claire, Helen and Maisie can guide you through the activities and answer any questions you have in real-time. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on by sharing your thoughts or activity results with @EHULearnService, using the hashtag #GrowYourResilience.