——-*STOP PRESS* The trial has now been extended to 31 March——-

We have a trial to Sage Research Methods, a resource to answer all your research methods questions until 13 February 2020.

An image for Sage Research Methods. In the image, a laptop, books and other items can be seen. The slogan reads 'what every researcher needs'.

Sage Research Methods is an online platform with ebooks, videos, and tools that provide authoritative information on how to perform hundreds of research methods. The material is perfect for academic work, and is definitely worth using in your bibliography!

Use the Methods Map to learn about the features of a particular research methods and link through to relevant ebooks and videos:

This shows the Methods Map , which is a model displaying how different research methds relate to ewach other. This particular image displays survey research.
You can choose any research method in the Methods Map and see how it relates to narrower or broader terms and concepts

Access over 1000 searchable ebooks to give an edge to your work such as ‘Corrupt Research’:

A cover image for the ebook 'Corrupt Research: the Case for Reconceptualising Empirical Management and Social Science'.

There are over 125 hours of videos, including tutorials and expert videos. Each video includes a trascript which auto-scrolls, allowing you to follow it through playback.

An example video called 'Learning to Design a Survey Study'

The trial lasts until 13 February, but if you want us to keep Sage Research Methods let us know! Please email [email protected] and tell us how you feel.

You can access Sage Research Methods here: https://edgehill.idm.oclc.org/login?url=https://methods.sagepub.com

A poster promoting Sage REsearch Methods. It shows a picture of a gorilla with the slogan 'there's method to the madness'.