Welcome to the sixth of our ‘Spotlight on…’ blog series! As part of #LoveYourLibrary month, our Student Advisors will be bringing light to some of Catalyst’s lesser-known fantastic features.

From group rooms to private desks, Catalyst provides a range of study space options to cater for diverse student needs. On the top floor you will find the Silent Study space, which allows you not only room to concentrate on your studies free from distraction, but also a range of other unexpected benefits…

Have you taken in the incredible views from the floor-to-ceiling windows? This allows for students to take a glimpse of their surroundings and enjoy the sights of our beautiful campus, Lancashire and beyond. Perfect for when you need that quick study break!

Did you know… silence benefits brain chemistry improving your learning and remembering ability.

When it comes to that all-important study pause, just outside of the Silent Study space you will find an array of comfortable furniture where you can regroup with friends or simply grab a bite to eat from the vending machine.

Did you know… silence decreases stress by lowering blood cortisol levels and adrenaline.

One of the best features of the Silent Study space is that it caters for individual study preferences. There are computers that are available to use by all students, either on a singular desk or next to another computer. As well as this, individual study spaces are available where students can use their own laptop.

The printing hub for the Silent Study space is located on the third floor right outside the study area, resulting in quick and easy access to printing and scanning any work you may have. There is also a rover phone located here which means you can contact the helpdesk from the third floor if you require any assistance. You just have to pick up the phone and it will automatically connect you through to the helpdesk.

Happy silent studying!

Written by: Anna Krawiecka

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services