Can you believe that extreme ironing is a hobby? People take to mountains, helicopters and even mid-air to iron their clothes. Have you ever heard of Baggists? Baggists collect sick bags from aeroplanes and websites are available for Baggists to buy and sell bags they may not have found.

So… to celebrate national hobby month, why don’t you take up a new hobby? I won’t expect you to iron your bed sheets whilst hung from a parachute or fly around the world to collect bags from flights – but even taking up the smallest hobby that you enjoy can improve your overall satisfaction.

I’ve listed hobbies below to give you an idea of new activities you could trial out:

  • Join a new society – Edge Hill host an array of societies including cheerleading, LGBT society, murder mystery and table top gaming.
  • Reading – Some people wish they had time to read, but don’t. Why don’t you give yourself some time to go through Catalyst’s resources and find yourself a book?
  • Learn a new language – Why not download an app to help you learn a new language? In an ever-expanding and multi-cultural world, learning a new language is never a bad thing. Not only is it a mind-sharpening activity, it also proves very good on a CV!
  • Writing – Writing fiction, poetry, scripts or non-fiction can earn you money. If you’ve had that idea nagging in your head for a while, get started!
  • Scrapbooking – Are you the artistic type? Scrapbooking can be extremely therapeutic and stimulating for those who love art and aesthetic. Put your artistic practises to use and create a collage of your memories.
  • Learn to play an instrument – Music-lovers might like this one. Developing your skills as a musician has so many benefits, and you might discover your hidden talent.
  • Meditation – It might sound strange, but meditation can slow down the mind and relax your anxieties and encourage a healthier mindset.
  • Join the gym – Why not join Edge Hill University’s renowned gym? Its facilities are enough to cater for all sporty types or new starters!

If you already have a hobby – celebrate by doing more of it. Improving and strengthening your wellbeing using hobbies will have positive impacts on your approach to university.

To celebrate the new year why not try something new?

Written by: DYLAN BOOTH

3rd Year Creative Writing Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services