We have lots of exciting UniSkills workshops coming to Catalyst this term.

This term we have workshops to help you develop your academic writing skills, sessions focused on searching for academic information, techniques on how to give powerful presentations and support with Harvard Referencing. We have also introduced 7 new workshops for 2019! These workshops range from creating a bullet journal to conducting a Literature Review.

Find out more about the workshops below and how to book your place.

Create a Bullet Journal *NEW for 2019*

Staying organised is one of the biggest challenges of university life. Bullet journaling is a great way to stay organised and can help you with planning your assignments and keeping track of your deadlines. Providing all the supplies and #BulletJournal inspiration aplenty, we’ll show you how to set up a fun and creative system that means no essay deadline can ever go amiss.

  • Monday 4th February 1pm-2pm
  • Tuesday 2nd April 12pm-1pm

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Finding Academic Information

Help improve your search strategy, find resources for your assignment (including books, eBooks and journal articles) using the Library Catalogue and Discover More and learn how to evaluate your sources.

  • Tuesday 5th February 12pm-1pm
  • Monday 25th February 1pm-2pm
  • Thursday 28th March 12pm-1pm

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Maximise Your Reading List *NEW for 2019* 

Your Reading List is an essential gateway to a wide range of resources recommended by your tutor. This workshop will explore using some of the additional features of our reading list software such as changing the referencing style, writing a personal note on a reading list item and what steps to take if all items are out on loan – all of which will help you maximise your academic research.

  • Tuesday 5th February 1pm-2pm
  • Friday 15th March 1pm-2pm

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Conducting a Literature Review  *NEW for 2019*

You may be asked to write a literature review as part of your assignment or dissertation to demonstrate that you have an in-depth grasp of both your subject and where your own research fits into or adds to an existing body of knowledge. Find out more about how to survey the literature in your chosen area of study, synthesise the information in that literature into a summary, critically analyse the information, and present the literature in an organised way.

  • Wednesday 6th February 12pm-1pm
  • Tuesday 26th February 12pm-1pm

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Reading Academic Texts  *NEW for 2019*

Are you daunted by the amount of reading you are expected to do? Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of reading difficult texts? This session will give you some great tips for active reading and to learn about strategies to help you develop intensive and effective reading skills.

  • Thursday 14th February 12pm-1pm
  • Thursday 28th February 1pm-2pm

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Introduction to Academic Writing

An introduction to the style of academic writing used at University; discover how to plan, structure, use feedback and Harvard referencing.

  • Monday 28th January 1pm – 2pm
  • Friday 22nd February 1pm – 2pm
  • Thursday 14th March 12pm-1pm

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Developing Academic Writing

Building on previous experience learn to recognise and understand assessment criteria, apply critical reading and show critical analysis in your writing and the importance of integrating referencing.

  • Tuesday 29th January 12pm -1pm
  • Wednesday 20th February 12pm -1pm
  • Thursday 7th March 1pm -2pm

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Become a Paraphrasing Pro *NEW for 2019*

Putting complex topics into your own words can be a confusing task. This workshop teaches you handy techniques to avoid plagiarism, as well as how to strike that all-important balance between paraphrased sentences and direct quotes.

  • Friday 1st February 1pm-2pm
  • Wednesday 27th February 12pm-1pm

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EXPRESS Harvard Referencing

Introduction to the Harvard referencing guide including in-text citations, bibliography/reference lists and the importance of referencing to avoid plagiarism.

  • Friday 8th February 12pm-12:45pm
  • Tuesday 12th March 12pm-12:45pm

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Effective Exam Preparation  *NEW for 2019*

Banish pre-exam dread with a procrastination-busting workshop. With handy revision strategies and memory techniques aplenty, leave inspired to thoroughly prepare and ultimately, perform your best!

  • Monday 18th March 1pm-2pm
  • Monday 1st April 12pm-1pm

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Powerful Presentations

This workshop will cover the different stages of putting together a powerful presentation. Recognise the importance of planning and structuring your presentation, how to create an accessible yet visually appealing presentation and tips for presenting with confidence.

  • Wednesday 13th February 12pm-1pm
  • Tuesday 5th March 1pm-2pm
  • Thursday 21st March 12pm-1pm

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UniSpeaks  *NEW for 2019*

Do presentations make you feel nervous? Wish you were more relaxed and confident? Need a safe space to practice your presentation skills? Then UniSpeaks is for you. UniSpeaks offers a safe space to come together with other students in the same boat to practice presenting in front of an audience. These sessions will take place once a month – you can come along and listen to others present, have a go yourself and learn strategies to present with more confidence.

  • Wednesday 30th January 2pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 27th February 2pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 27th March 2pm-4pm

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