Did you know there are nearly 130 million printed books in existence? Did you also know that it would take 60,000 years to read all these books? That’s a lot to choose from…

To celebrate Read a New Book Month, I have created a list of book suggestions for you to read over the Christmas period. All the books mentioned are available via the Edge Hill University library!

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K. Rowling (2nd floor 823.914/ROW)

Did you know that Harry Potter is among the three most read books in the world? If you haven’t read the series already, then grab the first installment from Catalyst. Forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs by his Aunt and Uncle, Harry leads a very unremarkable life. But on his eleventh birthday, Harry is introduced to the magic of the wizarding world.

  1. Fen – Daisy Johnson (2nd floor 823.92/JOH)

‘Fen’ brings together a collection of short stories inhabiting the English fenlands. English folklore and a contemporary eye, sexual honesty and combustible invention – in ‘Fen’, these elements have come together to create a singular, startling piece of modern fiction. Daisy Johnson infuses her stories with magic realism. This collection is great for those who love extraordinary elements in their everyday lives.

  1. After Dark – Haruki Murakami (2nd floor 895.6/MUR)

Did you know that less than 3% of English language books are translated from another language? This is remarkably low compared to other countries, Turkey stands at 40% and Slovenia at 70%. Why not read a translated novel over the Christmas period?

‘After Dark’ is the novel written by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The midnight hour approaches in an almost empty all-night diner. Mari sips her coffee and glances up from a book as a young man, a musician, intrudes on her solitude. Both have missed the last train home. This novel is great for those who love mysterious and enigmatic narratives.

  1. My Friend Dahmer – Derf Backderf (1st floor 364.1523/DER)

‘My Friend Dahmer’ is a graphic novel that tells the story of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer before he committed his crimes. To the public, Dahmer was a monster who committed unthinkable atrocities. To Derf Backderf, Dahmer was a much more complex figure: a high school friend with whom he had shared classrooms, hallways, and car rides. This book is great for those who are visual readers and love to read the real.

  1. Citizen – Claudia Rankine (2nd floor 811.6/RAN)

Claudia Rankine’s book recounts mounting racial aggressions in ongoing encounters in 21st century daily life and in the media. The book is made up of essays, poetry and images that create a powerful testament to the individual and collective effects of racism in our contemporary, ‘post-race’ society. This one is great for poetry readers!

There are hundreds of more books to choose from within Catalyst. Why not go and check one out before you head home this Christmas?

Written by: DYLAN BOOTH

3rd Year Creative Writing Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services