BoB? What is it? Have you ever wondered what that BoB link is on your ‘My Library’ tab is?

Well wonder no more! Box of Broadcasts is available for all staff and students to access free on any device.  Whether you are looking for a programme that was aired on TV last week or last year, a documentary or a film which you should have watched for your next lecture, or you just fancy watching a film to wind down after a hard week studying, I am sure you will be able to find something on BOB.

As Halloween is fast approaching why not search for a scary film to watch, there are lots available from the classic 1978 version of Halloween to the more recent The Babadook, or the not-so-scary Zombie romance Warm Bodies.

If these don’t do the trick, try one of my seasonal playlists:

Classic Halloween Films definitely not for the children…or the fainthearted!

Or if you prefer something a little tamer how about trying my Family Halloween Playlist

And if these still don’t do the trick, The Ultimate Harry Potter playlist will be definitely be a treat.

You can also create your own playlists or use playlists other people have put together which is great if you need some ideas.

What is your favourite film to watch at Halloween?


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Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services