We have always had a strong commitment to staff development within Learning Services but over the last 12 months we have been focussing on how we can develop a real learning culture.  Learning at Work Week seemed an ideal vehicle to support this and so we decided to celebrate national ‘Learning at Work Week 2016′ with a fantastic programme of activities and events.

Harnessing the theme of CONNECT the main objective was for staff within our diverse ServiceImage-1 was to re-connect with each other, share knowledge, skills, expertise and ultimately learn something new!

The programme contained a mix of work related and non work related topics.

Despite the topic – the focus was always on the learning.

There was something for everyone with sessions ranging from new learning tImage-2echnologies and digital capabilities, to drawing for fun, photography and finding bargains online.  We even had a make up masterclass!  We certainly discovered some very talented staff in Learning Services!

Take up of the programme was excellent with lots of staff offering to facilitate sessions and even more staff coming along, listening and asking questions. A massive 242 places were booked over the 17 sessions offered.

The week concluded with a ‘collective break’ for all the staff (a cup of tea, a chocolate biscuit and a chat!) plus a ‘Guess Who’ baby competition which was lots of fun and generated some interesting conversations….

We also took the opportunity to take a group photo, something we would like to do every year.









Early evaluation of the week shows that staff really engaged with the sessions, took something tangible away in terms of a new skill, and especially enjoyed re-connecting with colleagues from across the Service.

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Helen Jamieson, Customer Services Manager