Advice for a stress free submission.

First, please use the Chrome or Firefox browsers if you are submitting online.  Note that the default browser in Windows 10 is Edge – perhaps OK for surfing the net – but we believe it isn’t performing so well for ‘high stakes’ activity such as assignment submission.  We see a handful of problems with empty submissions every week, and these have been submissions using the Edge browser – so, please download and install Firefox or Chrome and use these browsers when working with Blackboard.

More general assignment advice is on Carol & Mark’s excellent post from last December – here’s my summary:

  • Find out well in advance about where, when, how, & in what format to submit your work – ask your tutor – and keep them informed of any issues you are having;
  • If you are having problems submitting, check it’s not the system via these Twitter feeds: @EdgeHillVLE & @Turnitinstatus;
  • Use Firefox or Chrome to submit – also available for Macs;
  • Aim to submit 24 hours early – especially if submitting to Turnitin;
  • The Uniskills online submission page covers Referencing, Planning, & Finding Academic Information.

UntitledFinally, a great place to get help is the AskUs service – it’s a 24/7 searchable knowledge base, with the ability to post your specific question to Learning Services for a quick response:

Good luck with your assignments.

David Callaghan
Learning Technology Development Officer
[email protected]