LS0395 Revision Central

It’s been a busy few weeks with assignments being due and on top of that the upcoming festivities to plan for, finance and of course, enjoy. For many of you, however, there is the knowledge that the New Year also brings with it the exam period. Now there are some lucky people who thrive on exams – they enjoy the pressure and it actually brings out the best in them! For the rest of us though some exam stress is inevitable and the trick is not to fall into the usual trap of ignoring it (#handsonearslalalala) or overdosing on negative thinking and caffeine.

To avoid the common exam preparation pitfalls, help is now at hand on your Learning Edge home page in the form of Revision Central. This is a collection of services and resources to help you with the three stages of exam preparation: planning your revision schedule, doing the revision and entering the examination room. Why not start with the Avoiding Exam Stress Section by listening to Professor Dave Puttwain’s podcast on avoiding exam nerves, then consult Revision Help for tips on making a revision plan and revision strategies. Opening Hours will tell you when the Library is open over the holiday period and in January and PC Availability will help you to track down a computer on campus. When you need a bit of head space, have a look at Useful Apps or Relaxation for guided relaxation and mindfulness visualisations.

Good Luck!

Lindsey Martin

Lindsey Martin Assistant Head (Learning, ICT & Media), Learning Services