Campus Pack, the system that is used to support things such as the trainee teachers ‘standards eportfolio, is getting a new user interface on 2nd August*. The new user interface looks ‘cleaner’ with more white space.  Here are some of the things you can expect to see, with a link to a detailed posting from Learning Objects for further details:

  • Laura Page's PortfolioThe side bar has been moved to the left – which will eliminate any ‘panic’ moments – because the menu will no longer disappear off the page;
  • Improved navigation – using buttons for settings (the Gear icon), hierarchy and adding a new page;
  • Moving the Description to the left – creating even more vertical space;
  • A new ‘Gear’ menu is where the Permissions, Export and Settings have been moved to.
  • Update to the Campus Pack editor that presents a faster user interface; has HTML5 support; easier table creation; and better support for Microsoft Word.

For more details, click on ‘Learning Object’s ‘What’s New for July 2014’.

Please be assured that all your content won’t be affected – the only difference is what the user interface looks like – all data and settings remain the same – there is nothing that you need to do.  However, if you are leaving us this year you may want to follow our screen casts on how to Export your portfolio and Import it to another service.

David Callaghan
Learning Technologist and Associate Tutor

*Note – the upgrade was originally planned for 5th July but has been rescheduled to 2nd August.