It may be early in the term but if you are working with children and you are looking for materials to take to your placement/setting for use in the classroom you may want to check out the Education Resource Collection.

The collection contains a range of materials from books (fiction and non-fiction), posters, games, dvds, and much more. Some of the non-book materials are kept in interesting looking boxes-do explore them!. Most items from the collection are issued for 12 weeks and can be renewed if there are no reservations so you can plan your lessons well ahead.

We have relocated & improved the collection for this year and it is now housed on the first floor of the University Library. There is a new phonics section, a new storage area for the oversize picture books, study space and some soft seating.

If you want to find out more do visit the Education Subject Resources webpage. You can get to this by going to the Learning Services webpages,, click and the Subject Resources link and choose Teacher Training and Education from the dropdown list. Click on the Resources tab and select the Classroom resources link.