We have be aware for some time how close to students’ hearts their reading list is.  You can find out about the feedback we received around how students utilise reading lists and our steps to improve reading list accessibility.  The research we undertook is the lead story in the latest Learning Services newsletter.  It’s the summer edition but we are using the term very loosely…

Our newsletter also includes three faculty updates to highlight to colleagues some of the work we have been undertaking with staff and students in faculties as well as lots of general news and developments.

As well as faculty updates we have articles on:

The Digital Office, Office 365 and the move to Outlook

Roving student assistants

Our support for media students and the development of VibeTV

Please take a look and leave a comment if there are any developments you would like to know about

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager – Quality, Marketing and CommunicationRachel_Bury