I’m sure there  are many answers to this, however the key thing you need to do every ninety days with your university network account is change or update your password. As some of you are coming up to the dissertation deadlines, or a large number of deadlines all at once the last thing you need to happen as you make your final amendments, is to be locked out of your account.

If your password has reached 90 days, you will be promted by a message in the GO portal as you try to logon, that your password has expired. Please make sure you follow the instructions.  You will need a brand new password and you have to enter twice to confirm. 

Or you would like to change it more regularly and keep the password moe secure you can change it within your settings in the GO portal.

Login via the Go Portal.

  1. Once logged in hover your cursor over your own name in the top right hand corner and click on settings.
  2. You will now have the option to change password via the forth option listed, perhaps unsurprisingly the heading is named password.
  3. The password you select willneed to be a minimum of 8 characters in length – it can be letter and numbers, but it must be different from your last 10 passwords.

N.B. When you change your password you will need to log back in with your new password.

Also you can set yourself a safety net from within the settings page, from the second option listed Settings. From here you can provide an alternative email account e.g. yahoo, gmail, or Hotmail account. This means at any time of the day or night you can reset your password should you get locked out.

Your student number and password allow you to access all of the following:
Your University email account
Your Learning Edge account
Your library account to renew books
Wireless networks on campus
eBooks and eJournals
Eduroam wireless network available in over 900 UK locations listed here www.eduroam.org

If you have any issues logging in or navigating around the GO portal,
you can contact us on:

Tel: 01695 584286

Email: [email protected]