We have recently conducted a survey into reading lists as part of a larger project which is looking at how reading lists are used within the University and how we can put them at the centre of learning.

We have been looking at this solely from a Learning Services perspective and we sent out a student questionnaire via email in early October. We were lucky enough to receive nearly 600 replies so thank you for your help.

Your replies have been very interesting and we now want to invite you to come to a session – where we want to ask you a few more questions about reading lists, the student experience and how you use reading lists or don’t to support you in your studies.

We will offer tea and coffee and sweet treats if you come along.

We will be in Group Room 4 in the University Library – from between 10 – 12 on Tuesday 20th November – tell your friends and bring them along if you can.

It’s your chance to tell us all that is either good or bad about the current way reading lists are managed – so we can get opinions that will directly influence our current service. We are looking very closely at how this service is provided,and your opinions and feedback around ways to improve it, so that it suits your needs are key.