There are 3 new Learning Edge support areas produced by Learning Services, which are available to all students and staff. These will be really useful if you need information about or support from Learning Services.
The areas are called:

• Learning Services: Academic Support
• Learning Services: Inclusive Services
• Learning Services: Room Bookings

Learning Services: Academic Support contains a range of induction presentations with audio narration which will help you to start using Learning Services’ support and facilities. There are a series of academic skills videos and links to some academic skills guides which will be useful if you want to improve your academic writing, referencing, and assignment planning as well as much more. There are also some comprehensive ICT guides to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint 2010. If Microsoft Office 2010 is new to you these guides will tell you what you need to know.

Learning Services: Inclusive Services contains information about getting support for Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD). This includes information on assistive technology, the Disabled Students Allowance, specific disabilities, medical evidence, learning facilitators, needs assessment and your rights and responsibilities.

Learning Services: Room Bookings allows you to book a group room or an individual study room in the University Library, or the group rooms at the Woodlands Library. These can be booked for 3 hours a day for up to 2 weeks ahead.

If you need any help and assistance with using these exciting new support areas please call the Learning Services Helpline on 01695 584286 or go to the Ask Desk on the first floor of the University Library.

Andy Tomkins
Academic Liaison Librarian