That Learning Services has a division of highly skilled staff, the Media and ICT Resource Division who look after all of the Media and ICT (Information Communication Technology) resources? It is committed to the enhancement of student learning and the learning environment through a dynamic approach to the support, development, management and exploration of learning technologies.

What does this mean?

The division comprises of a Media Development Team, the Media ICT Support Team and the ICT Development Team. The teams support students in our new HD (High Definition) studio and can provide training in all aspects of media/video production from acquisition to the fully edited product. Our skills and facilities are utilised by all areas across the university, as we provide filming for various faculties and departments; from student recruitment, marketing and filming of special events, like the graduation ceremonies, to uploading and streaming these live to the corporate website.

Videos can also be made for specific training needs so if you require a lecture recording get in touch.

We even record off air television programmes that you may require as part of your teaching.

Our teams also provide consultation on the various aspects of operating or connecting media and ICT equipment, either standalone or within classrooms and lecture theatres.

Below are some areas we can help you with.

  • Training in the use of the technical facilities, such as audiovisual technologies in the classrooms and lecture theatres around the campus
  • Advice and expert consultation, on specifying the appropriate Media equipment for your departmental use. The ICT specification would be carried out in conjunction with IT services on your behalf.
  • Training on classroom technologies for students and academic staff, including the use of interactive whiteboards to enhance the teaching and learning environment.

We have an extensive range of equipment for loan that is generally available to students and staff ranging from digital video cameras to cassette recorders. If you are not confident in using the equipment, we can even advise you on how to use it.

Whenever there is a problem with equipment in the classroom or lecture theatres, we are the people to solve your problem.

We also support and manage the QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) Skills Test Centre in the LINC building, which provides TDA tests in numeracy, literacy and ICT for national trainee teachers. These are test centres that you would go to for your driving theory tests.

Our teams have the skills to tailor bespoke ICT-based teaching and learning solutions for academic staff. This includes education software user guide production, and multimedia ICT resources to support education software.

We are responsible for the loan of equipment such as laptops, control sensing, video, audio and still imagery devices to support Faculty of Education staff and students during projects and school placement. We can also provide file conversion, for example Microsoft Works and Java Open Office to Microsoft Word. If you are a student at the FOE and you have issues with corrupt files on your pen drives, our ICT Development team can sort these issues for you.

If you would like to learn more about what we do, or need help with Media or ICT you can contact us at [email protected]

Donald Moffatt

Media Technology Development Manager.