If you are studying education and are unsure as to which databases to use, here are details of five “hidden gems” to get you started:

Education Research Complete
This database is recommended if you are looking for journal articles related to education as all the journals in the database relate to education. It covers all educational levels and specialism’s and contains over 2,300 journals, of which 1,400 are full-text.

This database contains books, and articles from journals, published by MA Education Ltd. It is fully searchable or journals can be browsed by age group and it covers early years, primary and secondary education.

A database which provides information on legislation, policy and practice concerning children, young people and families. Childlink contains information on a number of different topics, including education.

Education Image Gallery
This is a database of over 50,000 copyright cleared images which has been designed for use in Higher Education. The database is fully searchable and images can be downloaded free of charge for use in learning, teaching and research with appropriate accreditation. Images from a large number of subject areas are available, including geography, sport, music, plus many more.

British Education Index
This contains information on articles from over 300 education journals, as well as reports and conference papers about every aspect of education. Although it is an index, full-text is sometimes available. It is especially useful if you are conducting a research project.

All these databases can be accessed from the library catalogue and further information is available from our education resource pages. http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/ls/resources/education/