The ICT staff development co-ordinator Elaine Czotter is based in the Learning Services Academic Support Division. You can usually find her in the staff office or the development room in the LINC building. She delivers a range of workshops throughout the academic year and is the British Computer Society (BCS) Approved Centre Manager for ECDL qualifications.

Elaine says……….If you have identified an ICT skills need to support your role but are unsure what is available to you, then you can find our workshops and resources on the staff development wiki. Workshop outlines are available and I would also recommend checking the pre requisite skills for each workshop and then you can register directly on-line. If you cannot make a scheduled workshop then register your interest and I will arrange an appropriate time with you. You can also access a range of course manuals and quick guides which support our corporate systems.

If you want to accredit your ICT skills, then maybe ECDL is for you? This qualification assesses your skills across 7 modules and improves your understanding of computers and promotes best practice in the use of software.

I also work closely with the ITS team to keep abreast of emerging systems and corporate upgrades then we can provide an appropriate support plan for staff. This in turn contributes to supporting the needs of our students.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the events available or would like to discuss your own, team or departmental needs then please contact me on extension 4214 or via email [email protected].