————23rd SEPTEMBER until 7th OCTOBER————

The Learning Services 2010 Fresher Treasure Hunt is based on QR (or Quick Response) codes.  It is meant to be a fun way of finding your way around the University Library and it’s resources.


Use your mobile phone and decipher the QR code questions.  Once you have all the answers email them in to:

[email protected]

A £50 Argos voucher will be awarded to one lucky Code Breaker!

To join in you will need to have a mobile phone with a camera and some software.  You may already have this software, but if you haven’t or are unsure you can download it by typing the following address into your mobile phone’s web browser:


or simply text i-nigma to: 07797 88 23 25

Please be aware that connecting to the internet via your phone may incure a charge with your provider.  Please check first!

Once you have the software, launch the application and use it with your mobile’s camera to take a photo of the QR code.  It will then decipher the code and display a web address where you can connect to.  It will then show you the next question.  Find the answer to this question within the University Library and continue along the trail!

The first code is found in the University Library entrance in front of the helpdesk

There are 4 questions in all – give it a go! There’s £50 voucher for a lucky randomly picked student who gets all the correct answers.

If you are having trouble with the above QR code reader try here:


You can still take part even if you can’t connect using your phone.  You will find the first QR code on the University Library Helpdesk with a web address which you can use to access the page on the Learning Services blog with the question with clues to the next code and link.