Woodlands Library at Chorley tends to be largely unknown to the majority of our students. Many a student will arrive through the door unsure of their rights and privileges, and in many cases that Woodlands even exists. After it is explained to them that they have the same rights as they would at the Ormskirk Library they are usually pleasantly surprised and leave stating what a nice experience it was and that they will visit again.

We are quieter than the main Ormskirk campus and there are usually PCs available to use. You can reserve any items you need and can get them sent to Woodlands Library from any of the main sites. You can also return any items from the other sites here free of charge.

We have a full complement of staff that have the time to offer a more one to one service.

The only thing we currently don’t offer is the Blackwell’s service.

So if you live in Chorley or the surrounding area, why not visit us, it may be more convenient and if not why not pass on the word that we are here.