• Turnitin Maintenance April 30, 2020 (UPDATE)

    Update – This date has been changed to Wednesday April 30, 2020. Turnitin will require an emergency maintenance window. In the UK, this will be from 8:00am-1:00pm During this time, there may be disruption to services. It is strongly advised to avoid this time period for submission. Anyone using Turnitin may have to retry their…

  • Collaborate back online

    Blackboard Collaborate (Europe) is now fully back online. For service status updates please check their status pages.http://status.blackboard.com/ Incident 26th March: http://status.blackboard.com/services/collaborate-ultra—aws-eu/2020/03/26

  • Collaborate Current Issue

    Thursday March 26, 2020 09:20 PM GMT Some Collaborate Ultra users are receiving an ‘Uh oh it looks like you are having trouble connecting’ error when attempting to connect to Ultra sessions. Blackboard DevOps team are actively working to resolve the issue. Please see http://status.blackboard.com/ for latest information (AWS Europe).

  • Now Cancelled: Collaborate Ultra Infrastructure Maintenance March 26, 2020

    This has now been cancelled to avoid further disruption. Blackboard will be carrying out maintenance on Collaborate Ultra during the early hours on Thursday March 26th 2020, from Midnight until 4:00am Collaborate Ultra customers will experience intermittent availability during these maintenance windows. Refer to Blackboard Status Pages for the most up to date status of systems (Europe).

  • Potential Blackboard issues due to release of Chrome 80

    Chrome 80 is released on during March, and anyone who updates may encounter issues with some Blackboard third party tools e.g. Turnitin. This depends on how those tools handle cookies. Until suppliers of these third party tools address this, there may be instances where the tool fails to work as normal. We are contacting these…