Chrome 80 is released on during March, and anyone who updates may encounter issues with some Blackboard third party tools e.g. Turnitin. This depends on how those tools handle cookies.

Until suppliers of these third party tools address this, there may be instances where the tool fails to work as normal. We are contacting these suppliers to ensure that fixes are in place or in the pipeline.

Basic Workaround: Use Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Turnitin guidance:
“With the new version of browser Chrome 80 being released, the default settings for third party cookies have changed. As a consequence, students and instructors using Chrome may encounter errors when attempting to open the assignment inbox or submit a paper. We are currently making some changes to ensure our parameters meet the requirements of the new browser.”

When in Chrome, the link to Qwickly via Course Management – Course Tools may give you an error and fail to load. Please use the Tool Link to Qwickly Attendance which should be available to staff under the main course menu e.g. under Module Information.