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iSpring Early Adopters Project: Video Case Study 2

In the Learning Technology Development team we’ve recently completed the early adopters’ project in the use of iSpring. Following on from Sertip in last month’s case study, we would now like to introduce Maggie Webster from the Faculty of Education.

Maggie shares her experience in the iSpring Early Adopters project and tells us how she uses iSpring to transform her traditional resources into a format that supports formative assessment for online and blended delivery. Maggie also describes how support from Learning Technologists can help you overcome any obstacles and enhance the students’ learning experience.

Take a few moments to view our second video case study. Look out for the third and final video coming later this month.

Case Study 2








Maggie’s video illustrates powerfully the positive effect that technology can have.  Her words describe how the use of iSpring can offer huge benefits to the student learning experience. 

At Edge Hill we have built up a critical mass of good practice that can be accessed by staff who are thinking of incorporating these technologies into their courses. If you have been inspired and would like to learn more your Learning Technologist can help.

…and you have access to a wide range of user guides on eShare and beyond:


Mark Wilcock
Learning Technology Development Officer