We have just been wrapping up the end of the presentation day .. 

The afternoon session was very well attended, many thanks to everyone who came, there were over 70 academics and students, which is excellent for a sunny Friday afternoon! thank you all for putting the time aside to come and get involved.  We had two very interesting presentations which really did give the warts and all for Blackboard 9 and Moodle.  There was good interaction and we had a chance to see courses and tools in action. 

We had been keen from the out set to ensure that everyone’s thoughts and views were captured and we have asked everyone who attended to complete and answer a number of questions, as well as overall feelings and views.  We are reading the feedback as I type so will be in touch next week with the headlines 

If you were not able to come this afternoon the event was videoed so we will make it available, I will be in touch next week with info of where you can access it. 

Any feedback you would like to share with everyone, please get in touch via the blog 


2 responses to “VLE Presentation Day – a great success”

  1. I felt that Moodle looked far more user friendly and easier for both staff and students to navigate and use. I liked the Talis section that can provide reading lists for the modules that you are taking. Also the fact that it links to your groupwise E-mail rather then having two sepearte E-mail systems and also links to a storage device without having to navigate away from the page. At the moment we have to navigate away from Blackboard to use M:/ and our E-mail systems are seperate.

  2. I’d like to reiterate Rachel’s thanks to everyone who turned up to the morning and afternoon sessions. Your interest and input really will help shape our future VLE.

    I’m trying to avoid sounding like an Oscar winner but … I’d like to thank Rob and Ali from Northampton and Andy and Anne from Coventry for sharing their experiences with us and giving us a closer look at their VLEs. It was a big ask from us, but they were very generous with their time and open with their answers to their audience’s questions.