• VLE Presentation Day – a great success

      We have just been wrapping up the end of the presentation day ..  The afternoon session was very well attended, many thanks to everyone who came, there were over 70 academics and students, which is excellent for a sunny Friday afternoon! thank you all for putting the time aside to come and get involved.  […]

  • What staff would like to see in a future VLE….

    At the event on Friday staff and students will have an opportunity to discuss with our partner universities the tools they are using in their new generation VLE’s From the staff survey last month, these things came out on top… What staff would like to see in a future VLE % Ability to change  look & […]

  • VLE Review: Some headlines from the Staff Survey

    To help with preparation for the evaluation event next Friday we thought we would share some of the feedback we have had from the recent staff survey.  We were very pleased with the response – the survey was completed by 166 members of academic staff. The data yielded by the survey has produced a vivid […]