To help with preparation for the evaluation event next Friday we thought we would share some of the feedback we have had from the recent staff survey.  We were very pleased with the response – the survey was completed by 166 members of academic staff.

The data yielded by the survey has produced a vivid snapshot of how staff are using Blackboard, including the highs and the lows.  A key part of the survey was around the tools in Blackboard that staffs sees as important, and the responses have given us some important insight and will be helpful when staff look at what Blackboard 9 can offer and what tools University of Northampton are using.

Important Blackboard features & tools Staff % Student %
Submission and collection of assignments 69.9 75.4
Turnitin (plagiarism detection software) 78.9 64.5
Setting up group work 77.1 50.1
Using Blackboard email 61.4 79.2
Online discussion 64.4 60
Using audio and/or video clips 75.9 62.4
Capturing reflection on one’s learning 75.9 54.5
Self-tests and quizzes 45.7 43.4
Providing course and module information 97.6 97
Uploading lecture notes and presentations 90.4 92.6


The matching student responses are from the 2009 EHU Student eLearning Survey and in some respects mirror staff feedback but also highlight what students see as important features.

There will be opportunities on the 21st of May to discuss these features and tools in Blackboard 9 and Moodle, and see how the universities have worked with academic staff to support them in the development of their TEL skills to embed these tools.

For all those attending on the 21st, we are keen for you to start thinking about these features but also what you want to see in a new VLE, there will be lots of opportunity for you discuss this with our Blackboard and Moddle partner at the event.

Places are still available for the event, but there are only 16 places remaining

Please book online


Any questions or comments about the up and coming event or the staff survey, please get back to us via the blog