• What did those Edge Hill women do?

    Professor Alyson Brown There is much current emphasis on the need for universities to prove themselves by focusing on students obtaining graduate level employment on completion of their studies. This is one way of assessing what universities achieve, but it is a perspective that fails to recognise the importance of context, longevity and wider considerations […]

  • Transparency as a route to social responsibility in research

    Liam Bullingham & Matthew Greenhalgh Making your research process ‘transparent’ or ‘reproducible’ means using open practices wherever possible. Here, people making use of the research (policy makers, practitioners, members of the public) can scrutinise your work or ‘look under the hood’ to learn more about it. However, making research transparent is easier said than done.  […]

  • How Writing Retreats Can Support You as a PhD Student

    Angel Tan Writing up a PhD can be both exciting and challenging. After all, it might be one of the most significant pieces of written work after years of study and research. Alongside the excitement of embarking on this (final) step of completing a PhD, here come the pressures to write an ‘acceptable’ thesis that […]

  • World Vegan Day: What Does the Research Say?

    November 1st 2020 is World Vegan Day, a day when vegans around the world will celebrate veganism. It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on recent research about veganism undertaken by academics including those from Edge Hill University. In the last five years veganism has moved from the margins to the mainstream. This is best […]

  • New Critical Research Network

    The first meeting of this proposed new network was convened, with the support of I4P, on 21st March 2018. Over 30 people from across all three faculties attended; a number of people also were interested in the event, but not available for the meeting. People at all stages in their research were represented, from GTAs/PGRs […]