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The ISR Covid-19 Anniversary Blog will run throughout March and April 2021. This will explore the effects of the pandemic on our research communities over the past year, and make predictions as to its lasting impacts. We have invited the bloggers from the original Covid-19 blog to update their piece, alongside new pieces examining the longer term and hidden aspects of the pandemic. If you would like to contribute to this incarnation of the blog, then please see the instructions below.

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In April and May 2020 Edge Hill academics were inspired to write blog pieces exploring the immediate impact of lockdown as it related to their research interests. These pieces looked at a wide spectrum of geographical and demographic groups and explored many areas, from the arts, to autism, politics to prisons, and more. We converted this blog into an online publication and it now stands as both an historic and contemporary account of our immediate response to the pandemic.

We now invite all EHU academics to submit pieces that are immediate, pithy, yet apolitical and approximately 500 words. What have been the impacts of the pandemic on your field of enquiry? Will these be permanent or temporary? What will happen next? All submissions will be moderated.

You can also add your own response to any post – but please ensure that comments are also both measured and apolitical!

If you would like to submit a post – please do so via

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