The first meeting of this proposed new network was convened, with the support of I4P, on 21st March 2018. Over 30 people from across all three faculties attended; a number of people also were interested in the event, but not available for the meeting. People at all stages in their research were represented, from GTAs/PGRs to professors.

It was clear that there was significant interest in coming together in a new network, focusing on the values, purposes and methodological issues in our research, despite widely varying substantive areas of expertise. Much of the discussion focused on:

  • Principles/visions/aims for such a network
  • Operation of the network
  • Naming of the network

The discussion about principles took most of the time, as people felt it was a key defining feature of the proposed new network.  There was general agreement that the network should embrace research that:

  • Is emancipatory
  • Is interdisciplinary
  • Promotes community engagement and real-world issues, linking scholarship to reality
  • Is democratic, and challenges the status quo
  • Is pluralistic
  • Is humanistic

There was a clear will for the Network to be properly convened, under the auspices of I4P. A second meeting will therefore take place on 16th May 2018. It will be held in B002 from 12.30 – 3.00, and will consider the ways in which the network operates, and the formal naming of the network by its members. Following this, we will seek to set up a website, and plan events for the year ahead.

Dr Mary McAteer is the Director of Professional Learning Programme in the Faculty of Education at Edge Hill University.

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