• Campus Blog – Part I

    Campus Support Team Once you enter through the gate, the first point of contact should be the campus support, they will be helping with your ID accommodation key or any other services required. They are available 24/7 to ensure the safety and well-being of all of students, staff, visitors and partners. 24/7 support system is…

  • Tris Travels to Prague

    Tris Travels to Prague

    This past week I embarked on a life-changing experience. I decided to leave the United Kingdom and try solo traveling to another country. A massive undertaking for a person who had never traveled alone in her life before, but with the proper planning, I had a successful trip. Check out my journey!!

  • O Briens Tea Room in Ormskirk

    O Briens Tea Room in Ormskirk

    Dear those who love a chilled afternoon, Today I recommend a nice place near campus for a (quality & cheap!) cup of tea: O Briens Tea Room. Location: Opposite Morrisons, same side as Aldi and McDonald’s. What’s on their menu A wide range of tea, ice cream, cafe and toast, sandwiches, or Afternoon Tea. Their…

  • ‘New Beginning’: My first week at Edge Hill

    ‘New Beginning’: My first week at Edge Hill

    What does it feel like to actually be in another country? If you’ve ever been abroad I guess you have some ideas for the answer. But for me, I only knew what it feels like when I officially arrived at Manchester Airport, to begin my first year at Edge Hill University.