• Being Me with IBD: It’s pants to talk about poo

    In this blog, we reflect on how we worked with illustrators to run a creative and interactive Being Me with IBD engagement activity at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has been an active partner in the Being Me with IBD study and with a large and busy atrium space it made the perfect venue for an activity to […]

  • Being Me with IBD: The role and impact of the e-advisory group

    In this blog, we are looking at the role, impact and influence the young person’s e-advisory group on the Being Me with IBD study. What is a young person’s e-advisory group? The Being Me with IBD study has been guided throughout by an e-advisory group of ten young people. These young people are aged 15-26 year old and […]

  • Being Me with IBD: Using creative methods in a clinical setting

    In this blog we focus on how the Being Me with IBD study is drawing on a range of data collection methods and techniques in line with its participatory approach and underpinned by values of person-centredness. The quantitative approach There are two distinct but complementary data collection phases to the Being Me with IBD study. Phase […]