• Being Me with IBD: What do parents think and feel?

    In this blog we talk about how the Being Me with IBD study has opened and facilitated informal discussion with the parents of young people living with IBD and the importance of listening to their stories and experiences. The Being Me with IBD study focused on exploring the experiences and perspectives of young people with the condition. So often […]

  • Being Me with IBD: The interrupted interview

    This blog post focus on the challenges of conducting the Being Me with IBD interviews in busy and distracting clinical environments and how we ensure sensitivity to the young participants. As discussed in our previous blog post we are conducting qualitative interviews with young people in a hospital clinic or a day unit about their […]

  • Being Me with IBD: Using creative methods in a clinical setting

    In this blog we focus on how the Being Me with IBD study is drawing on a range of data collection methods and techniques in line with its participatory approach and underpinned by values of person-centredness. The quantitative approach There are two distinct but complementary data collection phases to the Being Me with IBD study. Phase […]

  • Being Me with IBD: ┬áThe genesis of the study

    In the second of our blogs we talk about the values underpinning the Being Me with IBD study and why we think these are important. What we value shapes our research The Being Me with IBD study is based on the values of participation, sensitivity, curiosity, person-centredness, respect, and collaboration. Those values shape how we have […]