Red, white and… BLUE!

So how have you been? Welcome back to the wonderful world of Eurovision!

This will be the fourth year that I have blogged from the host city, and this year we’re in Dusseldorf in Germany. I will arrive on Saturday morning, and so far early reports from friends and Eurovision scholars already on location suggests that it’s going to be a great spectacle once again.

I will make an early predication for you (or the kiss of death!) that the UK will do well this year – we’ll definately be up there with the runners and riders on the night of the final (Saturday 14 May). Blue are representing the UK with a song that isn’t half bad – no finishing in last place this time around! In fact, we’re second favorite to win at the moment. So, to get the blog underway for 2011, and back from boyband oblivion, here’s what’s going to knock ’em all for six… or should I say, douze…

Do you think we can?