ESC2017: Kyiv is calling…

After an entertaining evening, what did we learn from the first semi-final?

Key changes are back, b-a-c-k, B-A-C-K!

Belgium’s Blanche looked petrified

Azerbaijan’s Dihaj was basically doing Lady Gaga

Finland was robbed (but perhaps a little too simple in terms of staging?)

Men without socks were quite popular

There was a man with a horse head on

There was a man with a horse head on standing on a ladder

The presenters were just awful!

These are the ten qualifiers…

Moldova: Hey Mamma by Sunstroke Project

Azerbaijan: Skeletons by Dihaj

Greece: This Is Love by Demy

Sweden: I Can’t Go On by Robin Bengtsson

Portugal: Amar Pelos Dois by Salvador Sobral

Poland: Flashlight by Kasia Moś

Armenia: Fly With Me by Artsvik

Australia: Don’t Come Easy by Isaiah

Cyprus: Gravity by Hovig

Belgium: City Lights by Blanche

I got 7/10 on my napkin of death. How did you do? I’d have had more if I hadn’t taken out Greece and Poland after I’d seen them performed on the ESC stage. I thought Georgia sounded a lot better with the ESC performance, and was * gutted * when Finland didn’t get through, and slightly surprised Belgium did with that performance (although I like the song).

My Eurovision companion for many years, Brian Singleton, has popped over to Kyiv for the semi-finals. I asked for some photies of the scene in the venue, and he has obliged…

The stage looks amazing – the only thing I am missing about not going this year is that I don’t see the stage in person. Still, it looks fab on the telly. Brian informs me that the venue is actually quite small. By the magic of telly it doesn’t look tiny, does it?!

It’s also very cute that on his first night in Kyiv he had chicken Kiev for dinner! When in Kyiv, and all that… 🙂

No major changes in the betting odds. The UK has advanced a couple of places, but Italy are still the bookies fave.

And so, next thing for me to do is to review the second semi-final. Back soon…


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Like the blog Phil! Your reaction to Belgium surprised me a little. Blanche however seemed to lack a bit of confidence on the stage last night; she looked so nervous I thought she was going to cry! (Still my favourite song though) .

Lucy is a dark horse this year, best vocals in the competition, raw emotion and the staging isn’t too shabby either FOR A CHANGE. The UK has finally turned up to eurovision in my opinion. Higher finish than Jades entry in my opinion.

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