ESC2017: time for the first semi-final to Rise Like A Phoenix…

It’s almost time for the first semi-final of ESC2017, broadcast in the UK at 8pm on BBC4. I’m actually going to watch the YouTube live stream – I can’t stand the inane commentary from Scott Mills, so I’ll stream from the YouTube feed on my telly.

Not much movement in the betting odds since the Jury final last night. Italy are still favourites to win. Good news for the UK is that Lucy Jones has impressed during rehearsals, and she is now in the top ten! More from me on Lucy and the other automatic qualifiers in a couple of days…

Whilst I’m not in the venue this year, the stage looks stunning…

Great visuals, and I love the logo and the use of the beads motif. A nice bit of graphic design, as always. are encouraging all the Eurofans to get involved on social media tonight. Me, I still don’t use twitter, but I’m sure a lot of you will be tweeting and getting involved. Here’s a reminder of the hashtags to use…

I have appreciated the coverage from the website this year. The daily updates are really helpful, with a daily video recap of what’s occuring. Check them out if you want the info I just can’t provide this year… 🙂

So, enjoy the music, the frocks and the drama tonight! I will post my ‘napkin of death’ with who I think will progress to the Grand Final during the voting sequence, and before the results, naturally. Let’s see who are the douze and who are the dont’s for round one…


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Ok, so my top ten ‘napkin of death’ songs are…

Czech Republic

Kiss of death? Probs…

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