Time for the Douze and Dont’s…

This is the firth year that I have done the Eurovision blog – and I hope that once again I’ve added something to your Eurovision journey (and party!).

Whilst on my overseas busman’s holiday in Belgrade, Moscow, Oslo and Düsseldorf I have signed off in advance of the Grand Final by sending Euro-love to my best-est Eurovision buddy, Rachel Rolfe, with whom I have spent 12 consecutive years at my place, or at the Rose Theatre on two occasions, watching the Contest.  In 1999 my best mate Adam got married on the day of the Contest – how very dare he! – and on that occasion Rachel and I initiated a media blackout, and watched if the following day, with our friend Coral Black (former colleague at EHU). Funny story is that in 2000 Rachel attended my Eurovision party with her new boyfriend (now husband) Richard, and Coral get him completed rat-faced!  She can do that, some of you might remember!

Anyway, this year I don’t have to sign-off with greetings to Rachel, as she has travelled to sunny Southport with her family to oversee the proceedings with me.  And that’s it – just me and them… low key and intimate, you might say.  I wanted a year at home, and that’s what I’m getting! We’ll have a ball, and it’s great to have the Swiss Family Rolfe here for the weekend.

I am, in a reverse of fortune, missing my euro-buddies with whom I have enjoyed the last four years in the host country.  Most of all I miss gin and fanta (no really, it’s gorg!) and paprika crisps with Karen, Paul being simultaneously giddy and a bit strung-out (remember he’s there for the whole fortnight so anyone can be forgiven for being “tired and emotional” in the euro-bubble) and perhaps (Professor) Brian (Singleton) most of all. Brian has been my wing-man with whom I’ve cheered and jeered the parade of songs.  He introduced me how to register one’s lack of interest in a performance when the rest of the arena might we wigging-out: the world’s smallest applause… with your little fingers! Great fun!

So, as you know, they are in Baku, and we have shared out final “Napkin  of Death”.  Remember – the napkin is our strategic predictions, not necessarily our favourites.  So this time around we predict the top ten and the winner. Here we go, not just mine, but a collective kiss of death…

Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia
Italy Italy Italy Iceland Iceland
Azerbaijan Estonia Germany Italy Italy
Greece Azerbaijan Serbia Norway Estonia
Sweden Romania Ireland Azerbaijan Norway
Turkey Greece Malta Romania Azerbaijan
Ireland Turkey Sweden Greece Sweden
Serbia Serbia Norway Sweden Spain
Ukraine Ukraine Romania Turkey Serbia
Moldova Moldova United Kingdom! Serbia Ukraine


(Karen seems to be a bit giddy – she’s got 12 in the top ten!)

TO WIN !!!

Italy Italy Sweden Serbia Sweden


A quick look at the betting odds…

No change at the top – and if this is how it stays then Sweden will have led the bookies since March.  What a result it will be!

Soon it will be time to find out – BBC ONE/BBC HD at 8pm (or via

See you on the other side, and go and get your Eurovision party started!  (stay hydrated – an extra ice cube in your drinks!)