Light Your Fire and Feel The Heat…

You’ve got to love the fact that the host theme for Eurovision this year is “Light Your Fire” – how bloomin’ hot is it in the UK today!

So here we are – the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012! The weather is as hot as it is in Baku, and I think that tonight is one of the best finals I have ever seen.  It must be the heat, but even Albania is growing on me!

It’s going to be fascinating to see what wins – and I think it might be a close run Contest this year.  I am hoping that Russia don’t win, and I would burst if it was Sweden.  It could also very easily be Romania, Italy, Norway – and with a strong finish – Ireland, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova will all get a bounce from coming at the end of the draw.

So here goes – my kiss of death that’s not on a napkin goes to (te dum te dum…) SWEDEN!  Go Loreen!  And as the Eurovision god’s have determined I drew Sweden in my own sweepstake (in front of witnesses!) so even more reasons to get excited later tonight if we are off to Stockholm next year.

Here then is the fantastic line-up of entries for the Grand Final.  I’ll pop back later before the Contest with the latest news on the betting odds and the final buzz from Baku.

01 United Kingdom

02 Hungary

03 Albania

 04 Lithuania

05 Bosnia and Herzegovina

06 Russia

o7 Iceland

08 Cyprus

09 France

10 Italy

11 Estonia

12 Norway

13 Azerbaijan

14 Romania

15 Denmark

16 Greece

17 Sweden

18 Turkey

19 Spain

20 Germany

21 Malta


23 Ireland

24 Serbia

25 Ukraine

26 Moldova