• Let’s get the party started!

    I spent Monday afternoon at the dress rehearsal for the first semi-final. There were no major calamities, and unlike in previous years we got through without having to stop for a technical error. That said some of the vision mixing on the screens in the auditorium was a bit fudged. What is looking stunning, however, […]

  • A warm welcome to Oslo…

    Sunday in the Telanor arena saw the last of the individual rehearsals for each of the 39 delegations. From Monday afternoon we enter the dress rehearsal phase with the first full run-through of the first semi-final, which you can see on BBC 3 on Tuesday 25 May at 8.00pm. Karen, Toni and myself spent most […]

  • Georgia on my mind…

    The first night in Oslo – a beautiful city – was spent at the lavish launch party for the Georgian delegation. It was held at the impressive Opera House… The interior reminded me of The Lowry at Salford Quays, for those of you who have visited that venue. The booze flowed and the canapés were […]

  • Oh my gosh – it’s Josh!

    How remarkable that as Karen and I arrived at the Telanor arena yesterday for the first time, Josh Dubovie – the UK’s entrant for ESC210 – was rehearsing the Pete Waterman penned That Sounds Good To Me.  There are many people who think that the song doesn’t actually sound good at all.  But to be […]

  • Are you in the Euro-zone?

    It would appear that I am! It’s really odd to think that after many months of preparation I find myself back at the heart of the Eurovision Song Contest.  For the third successive year I have been accredited to cover the event – thanks to Jamie McLoughlin and the BBC. Once again I’ll be offering […]

  • Are you ready to share the moment?

    STARTING THIS WEEK! ESC 2010 is already in the rehearsal stage in Oslo, Norway. Once again Phil Jackson will be covering the ESC for the Trinity Mirror Group and Edge Hill University! Be sure to stay in touch with all the developments as they happen and ‘share the moment’ with the rest of Europe…