• What a moment!

    So the ESC circus is off to Germany in 2011!  What a great night and what great entertainment. Poor Josh – although a bottom five finish was always on the cards, with a field of strong songs and a rather weak entry from the UK. Germany are deserved winners.  Lena proves once again, perhaps, that […]

  • Good evening Europe, may we have your votes please…

    The dress rehearsal was excellent – you are going to have a very entertaining evening.  There are very few *awful* songs tonight, and the host broadcaster NRK has done a stunning job on presenting the ESC this year – in a personal, and at times, quite touching way.  I’m not going to spoil the surprises […]

  • The final countdown…

    Just off to the arena for the dress rehearsal of the final. Here’s the final countdown for tonight…

  • Five live…

    With little more than 24 hours to go until we’re all done and dusted for another year, here are the final five songs that we need to thow into the final line-up for Saturday night. It’s the ‘big 4’, plus host country Norway… NORWAY This does sound rather like You Raise Me Up, which in […]

  • Magic Moments?

    Thursday night in the Telanor arena was a more tense affair for the second semi-final of ESC 2010. This was seen as being the more competetive of the two,  with more than 10 songs having a better than good chance of making it through to the final on Saturday. I thought that the sound in the arena was *shocking*, […]

  • Second time’s a charm?

    OK, I’m flying solo for my napkin of death tonight. Karen and I did a provisional one this morning, but I didn’t save it! So here, my friends, is the kiss of death to the following ten countries. Will they, or won’t they? I say… 01 LITHUANIA YES 02 ARMENIA YES 03 ISRAEL YES 04 […]

  • Dress to Impress. Part Two

    I hope you are all reading the great blog that my mate (and news editor of The Southport Visiter) Jamie McLoghlin writes? After reading this if you haven’t been over to Boom Bang A Blog, why not click the link over on the right and see Jamie’s take on the proceedings. You’ll also get some […]

  • Dress to impress, Oslo! Part One

    So, everything finally got going last night with the first semi-final.  Here I am, suited and booted and ready to cheer hysterically…   Here’s my view of the semi-final from my seat in the Telanor arena last night.  Can you guess which section we were in? I hope that the stage looks good on TV… Things warm-up […]

  • The first cut is the deepest?

    Did the ‘napkin of death’ do its job? Ever since Karen, Brian, Milija and I travelled to Belgrade for Eurovsion back in 2008, we have attempted to predict who we think will survive the semi-final phase of the ESC, and make it to the grand final. This started with pen and a napkin (duh) over dinner, […]

  • Man about town…

    Oslo is a beautiful city. If you get the opportunity to visit I would highly recommend it.  As we move about the city the Eurovision host theme is clearly visible, but in a subtle way…     On Tuesday morning Apostolos and I took a trip to the Munch museum. I was pleasantly surprised by the collection – […]