Oh my gosh – it’s Josh!

How remarkable that as Karen and I arrived at the Telanor arena yesterday for the first time, Josh Dubovie – the UK’s entrant for ESC210 – was rehearsing the Pete Waterman penned That Sounds Good To Me

There are many people who think that the song doesn’t actually sound good at all.  But to be fair the track has been radically re-worked since the BBC’s selection programme Your Country Needs You aired a couple of months ago.  You will get used to my quite dodgy camera skills over the week, but here is what the stage looks like – with Josh working on what isn’t quite a fully polished performance just yet…

 Here’s Josh doing his thang on Saturday afternoon…

After the rehearsal I went to the first UK press conference, and Josh seems like a likeable and genuine guy. Pete Waterman and Graham Norton will be attending the press conference on Friday, so more on that later in the week.

Josh made a point of saying that when he performs in the final on Saturday 29 May it will be the most important three minutes of his life.  Let’s hope that’s it’s not time wasted.

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