Sugar coated breakfast serial…

Who says there’s no such thing as a free dinner?  Who tells you that you can’t get something for nothing? 

Well, here at the press centre you can!  We get given loads of freebies – and as I said last year, this is to coerce good copy from us journo types, reporters, bloggers, liggers and people fiddling with hair straigheners and hairspray.

I was more than a little chuffed with my Sakis Rouvas freebie – a goodie bag that contains a promo CD and a scarf that cleverly says “this is our night” on it.  Clever – do you see what he did there?  I’ll be flying the flag for Sakis on Thursday, and I’ll now do it with my scarf!  Cool.

Just when we all thought that the freebies couldn’t reach new heights, this dropped out of my bag…


It looks like like a reasonable promo pack, right?  Wrong – it’s an awesome promo pack!  When you open it up it works like a musical card – playing the chorus from The Toppers “Shine” accompanied by sparkling lights!  You see – they shine… Genius!  What is even better is that it is now installed on our breakfast table to greet us each morning, and add a little sugar coating to our day…


After a rather ropey schlager-not-so-tastic rehearsal today I’m not convinced that such novelties will ensure The Netherlands a safe passage to the final? 

We’ll see on Thursday.

3 replies on “Sugar coated breakfast serial…”

Sakis is well presented and doesn’t look too bad in white. I will be willing him to sound as good as he looks though!

Mr Norway is good eye candy and most definitely has a place in my Venn diagram!

As for food, have you eaten any cute furry four legged creatures yet? Reindeer anyone?

No – the food hasn’t finsihed me off yet, hun! Although there were some unexpected side effects yesterday, which I do not with to share with you here!

Nice to look at, the Greek bloke, too bad he can’t sing! By the way, how’s the food? Did the Russians poison you yet?

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