Midnight at the Olympiski…


Hope you enjoyed the first semi-final last night – and thanks for those of you texting and generally getting excited about the fact that, a) Eurovision 2009 was finally underway, and b) that I was there! Please don’t forget that we are 3 hours ahead, so it was 2300hrs local time – and after 0100hrs local time when it finished (I am trying to stay on UK time so that the late nights don’t destroy me!).  When you are watching on Thurs/Sat if you look at the floating polo (as I refer to it) above the stage, we are sitting slightly to the left of the middle piece with the logo on it – you can see my view of it above.  That’ll give you a rough idea of where I am. I was sitting in row eight, amongst the cheering fans.  On Thursday and Saturday Brian and I are in row five! 

It was an enjoyable night – and the best songs (in the main) got through to the final – although I do feel slightly disappointed for Andorra. 

The highlight of the night was the performance from Iceland – truly the most professional job, as well as a great song and great vibe. I’d be chuffed if it won this thing!  Did you see how the TV producers kept us hanging on until the final country to confirm that Iceland made it! Phew! Here is Johanna moments after the show ended.


It was a late night by the time we got back to the apartment as we stayed back to check out the press conference for the qualifiers…


We left the press centre at 3.00am local time, and were back in our apartment by 3.40am.  A drink and a chat and then bed… after all, tomorrow is another day…

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Me too, also sad that Switzerland didn’t get through (cf Vampires).

The gal from Andorra was trapped in some Mamma Mia/Gerri Halliwell wind tunnel – still would have liked her to go through.

I felt sorry for Andorra, but jubilant that the Czech crap didn’t get through. Hope she changes that dress!

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