Here we go – semi-final predictions…

Kindly reproduced from “Boom Bang A Blog” – for which I am also corresponding (please visit – link on the right of this page!), here are your jury in Moscow predictions (Eurovision experts?)… see how we get on!

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Stand for nothing, or fall for everything…

Last year when I was in Belgrade for Eurovision Karen, Milija and I voted on who we thought were the runners and riders to make it to the final from each of the semi-finals. 

Who this year will fall at the first hurdle and bring shame to their country, and who will enjoy an extended vacation in Moscow and go through to the pan-European votes on grand prix night.

Tonight, as we ready ourselves for all the excitment of “round one”, we have cast our votes for the BBAB bloggers, and here is what out “expert” jury think will make it though tonight…


Karen, Phil and Toni: NO! Apostolos: YES!

 CZECH REPUBLIC                                                           

Karen, Phil and Apostolos: NO!  Toni: YES!


Karen and Toni: YES!  Phil and Apostolos: NO!


We all say: NO!


Phil and Toni: Yes! Apostolos and Karen: NO!


Karen, Phil, and Apostolos: YES!  Toni: NO!


Karen, Phil and Toni: YES!  Apostolos: NO!


We all say: YES!


We all say: YES!


Apostolos: YES!  Phil, Karen and Toni: NO!


We all say: NO!


Phil, Karen and Toni: YES! Apostolos: NO!                                              


Apostolos: YES! Phil, Karen and Toni: NO!


Phil and Karen: YES!  Toni and Apostolos: NO!


Phil and Apostolos: YES!  Toni and Karen: NO!


Karen, Toni and Apostolos: YES!  Phil: NO!


We all say YES!


We all say YES!

 See how well we get on this year.  BTW: I am rushing to get this done before I head for the Arena, so I hope I have noted everything down correctly!  See if you agree with what your Moscow-bassed BBAB jury think.


Will Chiara hold her nerve?  Will you gasp at Iceland’s toilet roll holder of a dress?  Will you throw the television out of the window when your hear Belgium’s “Copycat” – I’ll be screaming “COPYRIGHT?!” (you’ll know what I mean when I see it!).  Will these songs rain on the Lord’s parade (that’s Andrew Lloyd Webber, you understand) or will they do nothing to prevent the UK romp to victory.


Vodka at the ready, people… here we go…


FACT OF THE DAY: always drink responsibly does not apply when watching the Eurovision…

3 replies on “Here we go – semi-final predictions…”

Let me sum it up for you! You got 2 wrong (only). A record, as you are usually much worse!

Oooh get you! I thought it was a fun show but the hosts were somewhat irritating. I was really pleased to see Malta go through – she fills the stage well without the need for dancers or gimmicks – and looking good in that frock I thought too!

We kept looking out for you in the crowd and although we didn’t see you we kept waving and shouting at you.

What’s with the inflatable hammers in the crowd??

Oh I forgot… Phil did I see right and was Koldun on the front row waving his Belarus flag like a mad thing after the song was performed on Tuesday night????

If it was, he’s grown the hair a bit too much and his special place was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he could sense the presence of Sakis!

Also a big ‘thanks’ to Paul for the Koldun goodies!

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