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Runners and riders…


Ok, so – tonight is the first of the semi-finals, and Karen, Milijia and I (Milijia arrived yesterday) have decided our ‘list of death’, in order to try and make some predictions about that will make it through to the final, and kill-off the songs that we think aren’t up to the grade – yes, I know what you’re saying at home!

Remember – only 10 of the 19 will make it.  Without confering, we have unanimously agreed that these songs will progress to the final:

  •  Israel
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Armenia
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Greece

So that’s seven out of ten!  Not bad – unless we get it really wrong! The ones that we don’t agree on:

Phil and Karen – Norway YES!, Milijia NO!

Milijia – Poland YES!, Karen and Phil NO!

Karen and Phil – Finland YES, Milijia NO!

Karen and Milijia – Slovenia YES!, Phil NO!

Phil and Milijia – Netherlands YES!, Karen NO!

There will be tears by bed… and not by the artists if we’re rubbish at all this! 

Enjoy the show!

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Well, having just seen Semi no. 1 I’d say you were pretty hot on the choices to go through (I got 7/10 so I’m quite chuffed).

I was a bit dissapointed with the Russian entry, vocally not that strong I thought – nowhere near as good as Boaz IMHO and not as good as his song from a couple of years ago.

Not too keen on Britina either (she’s too american for me) but we all thought that Armenia was without doubt the best fox of the evening – alluring where Britina was too obvious and a bit trashy.

Ooh, get me. Withdraw claws.

Looking forward to Thursday…..

omg Estonia’s entry – no wonder no mention of that was made! Your mate Boaz was cracking. Loved the stage and kept panning near to where you were but not quite near enough – darn! Tom got Bosnia & H in last year’s sweep and he says he’s glad he’s not got them this year lol, although I love the song. Being of the mosher affinity he’s gunning for Finland. Roll on Thursday 😀

I am indeed Rachel, of the friend of Phil variety. I can see you are Toni, would that be of the used to work at Manchester Uni variety?

Phil, if you get chance can you confirm are you left of stage as we, the audience look at it, or left of stage as the camera looks at it (i.e. as if the camera were on stage????) We tried really hard to see you last night, thought we did a couple of times, but we need to frame by frame the recording to check for sure.

Loving the blog – thanks for keeping us in the loop!


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