Generic feedback on module assessment, provided to students in advance of individual written feedback to assist with current coursework preparation.

What happened?

This is an approach that has been used with some success on other programmes in the Department of Children, Education and Communities i.e. Undergraduate Primary ITE. Module Leaders collect ‘generic’ feedforward from tutors who are engaged in marking an assignment and this is shared with the students who may be working on another piece of assessment which is due to be submitted before the scheduled return of their individual feedback/ forward.

What is the likely impact?

Students are provided with specific academic learning literacies prompts which very often focus them to consider the ‘common’ errors e.g. not preparing for an assignment through active reading.

For more information about the impact of this strategy please contact:                          Nichola Callander (Assistant Head of Department) [email protected]

[SOURCE: BA (Hons) Working with Children 5-11].