Welcome to Our Blog

We will be talking politics and showing that politics matters

By Zac Clark and Ella Weatherburn

Welcome to our student led politics blog, Talking Politics

In our blog we will explore the politics of the past, present and likely future developments, in this rapidly evolving political era, marked by extremely consequential developments such as Brexit, Trumpism and war in Ukraine. It is our view, that it is now more important than ever to have a deep understanding of the world of politics, political developments, and their impacts on society. Our objective is to provide you with an understanding of developing political events and how politics may affect other areas of society. 

At Talking Politics / Politics Matters, we believe that politics should be more accessible, and our aim is to inform those who may typically feel excluded. We believe that politics affects every individual, regardless of race, gender, religion, or any other characteristics, and that you have a right to be informed about political developments, particularly when they pertain to your everyday life. We hope to inform you about political developments and encourage your ability to form your own opinions on such issues. 

In our blog you can expect to find a wide range of topics covered, from the upcoming elections in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America, to the several global conflicts ongoing at time of writing, all the way to more tailored articles by guest writers, covering topics such as how politics affects identities, race and politics, politics in the educational arena and many more. 

Whilst not wishing to claim we have all the answers, we are secure in the knowledge that we will ask the right questions and present to you as best we can, our views on them. We hope you join us in our journey exploring the complexities of politics and unravelling the deep tapestry that makes up the political world we live in.