• A VLE workshop and a bit of festive cheer!

    Many colleagues will be aware that we have been running a series of stakeholder engagement workshops with academics from each of our faculties.  We are keen to ensure that we have captured the views of a wide range of academic staff..from those who have been VLE champions to staff who may not have had much interaction with the VLE.  We have been encouraging discussions beyond our current VLE product, Blackboard, to explore technologies of the future and what a student focussed on-line learning environment could look like.

    The VLE evaluation project is aiming to seek out your thoughts and comments around the future requirements of our universities VLE.

    With this in mind and the approaching holiday season, we are proposing to run one further workshop with an open invitation to all academic staff.  This workshop will take place on Friday 11th December 9.30 – 12.30, the workshop will conclude with a festive Christmas lunch..and mulled wine.

    There are a limited number so spaces for the workshop so its first come first served.  Please contact Katherine Richardson, [email protected] ext 7754

    We look forward to seeing  you

    Best wishes

    Rachel and Mike and the VLE Project Team

  • In the loop …

    We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front as the team’s energies have been focused on the round of consultative workshops we have begun. So far, we have run them for teaching staff in the Faculties of Education and Health and with Central Support staff. The workshops are generating lots of discussion and ideas which are being captured and analysed by the team. Next up is the workshop for the Faculty of Arts and Science (next week) and still in the pipeline is a workshop with students.

    It doesn’t end there either! SOLSTICE are repeating their survey into students’ perceptions and expectations of technology-enhanced learning at Edge Hill. This is due to launch in the next week or so (watch this space). You may be interested in reading the results of last year’s survey.

    We will also be following up the staff consultation workshops with a survey for all staff. Hopefully, nopbody should feel left out of the consultation.

    If you can’t wait to get your voice heard, we’re happy to take your comments via this blog.

  • We are not alone …

    It seems that Edge Hill is not the only university to be undertaking a review of their VLE provision. At the moment, there are about 15 others facing a similar process and many of these are focusing on their student and staff needs as opposed to fitting these around particular VLE products. We also know that there are a further 7 universities who have completed a review and who are willing to share their approach and experience with the rest of us.

    It looks like we are about to see a national VLE Review Special Interest Group (SIG) emerge from this initial, tentative sharing of information and good practice and Edge Hill will be getting involved. As they say, knowledge is power. One thing I have realised is that the ‘marmite effect’ of an institutional VLE is not simply an Edge Hill phenomenon … we are definitely not alone in that respect.

    Anyhow, to return to our own VLE review, it would be helpful to know from you what you think the VLE and related tools should be capable of doing to enhance students’ learning. Please keep your comments coming and be part of what now seems to have become the VLE Review movement!