• JISC Online Surveys V3 – Coming Soon 

    JISC Online Surveys is used at Edge Hill by many researchers and staff for both research and other data gathering purposes. A previous blog post in February of this year outlined a planned migration to a new version by JISC, and the steps that survey owners needed to take in preparation.  

    Update on the Migration and Launch

    In recent weeks we have received notice from JISC of the timeline for the new Online Surveys V3 platform launching, plus some unexpected changes to how the migration will work. All account holders will have received the same communication, and we felt it was important to highlight some key dates and advice for survey owners. 

    JISC plan to migrate user accounts in September so they can also access the new version, which is totally separate to the current version. However, they have advised that they no longer intend to migrate existing surveys into the new platform due to technical and cost implications. More detail about this decision can be found in their Migration FAQ.  

    It is important to understand the timeline for the launch of V3, and be prepared for the current version not being available after 29th February 2024: 

    Mid September - Users will receive notification when their account is added to Online Surveys V3. Start using for new surveys;
Late October - New surveys cannot be created in the old version;
February 29th 2024 - Online Surveys V2 will be switched off and users can no longer access legacy surveys.

    Using Online Surveys V3

    JISC have been developing guides for using the new version, which has a fresh new look and has been built from the ground up using more modern technologies. View the guides here, and once the new version is launched you will be able to familiarise yourself with it. We strongly advise account holders to build any new surveys in the new version. 

    Example screen from Online Surveys V3
    Example Screen from Online Surveys V3

    What are the implications of surveys not being migrated?

    There are several scenarios to consider, and this will require survey owners to evaluate what action they need to take to avoid loss of required data or survey designs.

    Survey Data

    If you have ANY data housed on Online Surveys V2 that you require and have not yet downloaded, then you will need to do so before 29th February 2024. This is because JISC no longer intend to migrate surveys or data. 

    A reminder that In accordance with the University’s Research Data Management Policy, research data should be safely retained in a research data repository e.g. Edge Hill Figshare . If the research project is funded, this should be in accordance with the requirements of the funder policy.  

    JISC provides guidance on anonymising response data when downloading responses from the current version. 

    Survey Designs

    If you have a Survey design that, for example, you re-purpose each year, then you will need to download the survey structure. It will then be possible to upload that Survey structure into Online Surveys V3.  

    Currently Open Surveys

    If you have a currently open survey or scheduled survey that will close before February 29th 2024, then you have the option to let it run its course. Prior to the deadline you must download responses you wish to retain and store securely elsewhere.  

    If you have a currently open survey that is ‘open-ended’ (such as a form), and it is scheduled to close after February 29th 2024, then you will need to decide on the best way to manage the change.  

    Further advice

    We will update the LTD Wiki pages with further advice on scenarios once the new platform is available.  

    Use the Online Surveys V3 guidance to familiarise yourself with the new platform.

    The guidance for the current version includes how to do export a survey structure, and how to download anonymised data for secure storage elsewhere.

  • National Interns Day

    Today, Thursday 27th July 2023, is National Interns Day and to celebrate we want to recognise all the achievements and hard work our digital interns have been doing while working with us over the summer.

    This is the third year we have ran the digital student internship and this year we were lucky enough to welcome 20 new student interns to come and work alongside the Learning Technology Development Team.

    Group photo of 2023 student digital interns on the Catalyst rooftop with LTD staff
    Group photo of 2023 student digital interns on the Catalyst rooftop with LTD staff

  • The Intern: An Unexpected Journey

    The last Thursday in July marks National Internship Day for many international students, and this year Edge Hill University has employed 20 digital interns to work alongside the Learning Technology Development team to support the move from Blackboard Original to Blackboard Ultra.

    One of our student interns, Michelle Hopwood, has given us her account of what it takes and involves to become a student intern at Edge Hill.

    The path to being an intern in any organisation is like stepping into a pool of new learning opportunities and experience to develop as a student and as a person. Internships expose students to real life scenarios, responsibilities and challenges that cannot be learnt from a book or journal article. Whether a summer internship, a module placement, or a year long internship, being an intern offers students valuable development and growth opportunities.