In the world of finding a job, there are many candidates competing against each other for a small pool of jobs. But there is a way that candidates can stand out amongst the crowd…. it’s a handy social media platform called LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn is a social networking site where you can show off your abilities and network with top professionals from all over the world. It might assist you in landing direct internships and career possibilities by referring you to your network. 

To take use of LinkedIn’s power as a student, you’ll need a great LinkedIn profile that can attract the attention of professionals on the platform. 

So here’s some steps to create the best LinkedIn profile. 

Step 1: Add a profile picture  

Did you know that profiles with a picture are 11 times more likely to be clicked on? So first impressions, even online, make a real impact. Don’t forget to make sure the background is clear, and your face is in the centre with nothing obstructing your face.  

Here’s an example of the most beautiful profile you’ll ever set your eyes on  

LinkedIn profile

Step 2: Create an eye-catching header  

linkedin profile

A great headline showcases your current position and also your interests, this is the best way to highlight your current area of study and also what you may want to do in the future. So be yourself and show off who you are! 

Step 3: Show off how professional you are with a summary  

Your summary should include an introduction to yourself as well as an overview of your academic and extracurricular accomplishments. 

Here’s an example: 


When you’re just starting out in the professional world, it’s a good idea to add industry-specific keywords to your profile summary. Recruiters and hiring managers will be able to locate you more easily in search results as a result of this.  

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself and show your best self, you never know when a recruiter comes across your profile and would like to interview you, so having a great summary to present yourself will attract the right people to you.  

Step 4: Show off your brilliant mind with your education 


Create a list of all of the schools and colleges you’ve attended, along with their descriptions. 

It is always useful to add your university to your LinkedIn profile as it makes it easier to locate uni alumni, faculty and friends. You’ll be able to communicate with each other and keep track of what they’re up to this way. There could also be a chance that a person that attended the same uni is also in the company you want to work for, so you can now network with those people to ask questions and build a relationship.  

Step 5: Showcase your volunteering and experiences 

experience for linkedin
volunteer experience

Let your volunteering and experiences do all the talking when it comes to how much you have worked hard to gain valuable transferable skills. If you don’t have volunteering experience or a job yet, it is a good idea to start building up experiences as all industries want people to have experience. 

Step 6: What skills do you have?  

skills & endorsement

Keeping track of important skills on your profile can help you locate better internships and career connections. Here’s an idea, get your friends that have worked on group projects with you to endorse your skills, or even a previous employer. The skills you emphasise will make you stand out amongst other people. 

Step 7: Add languages you are fluent in 


To add a language to your profile, first click on ‘Add a section’, then ‘Accomplishment’ and ‘Languages’ can be found under this section.  

Knowing languages other than your native tongue is incredibly advantageous in today’s world since being able to converse in different languages allows you to build genuine communication with others. 

So, if you’re multilingual, list those languages in the accomplishments area. Select your language proficiency level as well. 

Step 8: Don’t forget your certificates and award  

licenses and certificates

If you’ve earned any certificates or LinkedIn Learning courses, this is a great way to show off your extra-curricular activities, and your dedication to other activities other than school. It shows that you are interesting and that you have a life outside of just school or work.  

Step 9: Join LinkedIn Groups  

linkedin  groups

Put your self out there and start joining groups so that you can build a community on LinkedIn this will only further your profile as a student and gain you more connections. Join groups that you are interested in and start conversations and build relationships.  

Step 10: Start connecting with professionals and friends  

It’s so important to connect with classmates, teachers, and alumni, they should definitely be at the top of your priorities list when connecting with others. There are so many opportunities that will be open to you career wise when you are contacting people that have also attended your university or college – they can provide some advice and tips on how they got into the industry they are in. Later on, you might want to seek out more industry professionals and build contact with them. It’s always nice to respond to your contacts’ postings and professionally ask relevant questions. 

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By Gifty Reji (Student Intern)

Photograph of Gifty

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